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I am now offering 2.5" deep float frames that fit MOST of my limited edition giclée's on stretched canvas and original paintings ONLY.  While my original paintings and stretched canvases stand alone beautifully and do not require a frame, I have added the option to have your painting/canvas framed in a 2.5" deep natural or black "float" frame. If you want to add a bit more scale & elegance to the look of your artwork, this is a great option. If you would like your painting to come framed, please purchase your frame at one of these links below in addition to your artwork. Please allow 3 weeks before shipping for framed items.


All prints on paper come unframed. I prefer to let collectors independently frame their piece in their own unique style. A local frame shop is a good option for this, as they have great selection and expertise. 

For the DIY collector looking to frame the piece themselves, there are some easy and economical options out there. My prints on paper all come with a 1" white border where my signature is on the bottom left and the title and edition number are on the bottom right. Here are some diagrams to help you understand how to frame your own print more easily. Plus some places I would recommend purchasing a frame for DIY framing.

*Please Note* You need to find a frame to fit the TOTAL PAPER SIZE when looking to just pop one of my prints into a frame without a mat.

Sources for Ready-Made Frames



You may have noticed that many of my print paper sizes are not standard sizes you can purchase at a shop like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Many sellers on Amazon sell frames to fit ALL of my print paper sizes so you can easily pop your new art into a frame and hang it without the hassle and cost of getting a custom frame. I'm currently testing out a few different frames to see which are my favorite. You can just go to Amazon and search for the size frame you need and many options will pop up. (remember you will need a frame that fits the TOTAL PAPER SIZE).

Here are a few direct links to a Amazon frames I've found to fit my print sizes:

13"x13" frame (fits my 11"x11" prints with 1" border) 

11"x14" frame (fits my 9"x12" prints with 1" border) 

17"x17" frame (fits my 15"x15" prints with 1" border) 

17"x22" frame (fits my 15"x20" prints with 1" border) 

Hobby Lobby

Sometimes if you want to get your item framed without ordering online, you can find a standard sized frame at a place like Hobby Lobby or Michaels that is a bit larger than your print and take the frame and print to the frame desk and have them cut a mat for the art so it fits the frame and has a nice border around it. 

For example, if you purchase one of my 15"x20" prints, you can find an 18"x24" or 20"x24" frame at Hobby Lobby, take the print and the frame to the framing department and ask them to cut a matte to make the art fit in the frame. They will put it all together for you for only the cost of the mat and the standard frame you're purchasing.

Frame Destination

Want something a little nicer that you can still order online? I have found They are an online custom framing company. You can follow the links below for my framing suggestions. These are a good example of  how I might frame my artwork if I were doing it myself . Remember that the "Artwork Size"  would be the "Total Paper Size" of your print.

Natural Frame with a 2" mat:  Just change the "Artwork Size" to match the print you have

(Artwork Size =total paper size).

Black frame with a 2" mat:   Just change the "Artwork Size" to match the print you have

(Artwork Size =total paper size)

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